Poltrona Frau Alert
In compliance with the latest measures taken by the Italian Government, and in order to protect the health of our employees and collaborators, the Poltrona Frau production plants in Tolentino will remain closed from Thursday 26th March until April 3rd, 2020. However, all our worldwide office are still operating through smart-working and our Customer Care service is available as per usual working hours.

The New National Archives of France

巴黎附近的塞纳河畔皮埃尔菲特是庞大的National Archives of France(法国国家档案馆)新馆所在地,由建筑师MassimilianoDoriana Fuksas设计。这一庞大结构占地面积80000平方米,320千米的书架,收藏了法国大革命以来的所有历史资料。会议厅位于六个卫星结构之一,与主体结构相连,采用玻璃和漆绘铝制建筑结构,采光良好、轻盈而透明。Poltrona Frau Contract为全新庞大档案中心的300座会议厅开发了Carla座椅原型。 

Doriana Mandrelli and Massimiliano Fuksas

Doriana Mandrelli and Massimiliano Fuksas


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