16 January 2017

Poltrona Frau@IMM Cologne 2017

Cologne, January 2017 - A stage on which our stories, our lives, are played out nonstop like theatrical performances. A stage on which everyone plays their part, leaving behind traces of being, of becoming, of feelings, which end up permeating the rooms, spaces, and objects of our daily lives.
The Poltrona Frau Stand is a large stage with wooden boards and scenery made up of walls that create fantastic warm and welcoming architectures.
They are walls of open and closed windows that separate the rooms and allow the light and our eyes in.
These four rooms embody the essence of Poltrona Frau's philosophy of lifestyle, in which traditional and contemporary products alternate in a harmonious and consistent flow replete with hybrids, contrasts and associations.
Natural materials and sophisticated processes are interpreted according to the canons of excellence and exclusiveness. The Canaletto walnut wood of the Ren collection by Neri&Hu; the wonderfully refined saddle leather of the Fidelio bench by Roberto Lazzeroni; the combination of saddle leather and fabric in the Assaya armchair for relaxation and work by Satyendra Pakhalé; the freely adjustable grilles of the Lloyd storage units by Jean-Marie Massaud; the metal and saddle leather of Shi Chieh Lu's Ming's Heart armchair suggestive of a dance between Ying and Yang; the feminine and sensual curves of the Leplì footrest and bench by Kensaku Oshiro; the leather of the Suzie Wong Extra bed by Roberto Lazzeroni; the artisan cabinetwork on the legs of the square Nabucco table and the stylisation of the Diva chair with armrests by Roberto Lazzeroni.


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