10 April 2013

Salone del Mobile 2013

“As well as being a private, intimate place, the home is also very much a theatrical setting. Its recurring elements (the doors, windows, mirrors and gardens) show that we have passed through, that we are here now, and are the places where memories gather. If we take each of them separately and, in some kind of surreal way, put the windows on the floor, the mirrors up high and the gardens indoors, the mind is still able to picture a house, albeit not in the traditional sense.

The stage is set in the home, its floor becomes a theatrical stage and spaces are connected together not through doors but through reflections in mirrors, the visual views that are assembled in perspective. The homecum-theatre is a collection of intermingling colours, from the browns of the leather furniture to the grey of the walls above the large natural oak platform. Ultimately a new, contemporary home is revealed to us, the home of today. Dramatic lights come down from above and in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms our lives take to the stage.”

Michele De Lucchi.


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