09 October 2015

Albero Limited Edition is here: 55 unique items crafted from olive wood

“… olivi, alberi sacri, udite, udite
la preghiera dell'uomo! O voi, palladia
munera, o voi più sacri de la vite,
più sacri de la messe, alberi insigni,
deh versate la pace che v'irradia,
l'inclita pace, nel cuor mio, benigni. …”
G. D'Annunzio, Agli Olivi
Just like a thousand-year old olive tree, Albero is a sculpture for the centre of the room, which is best appreciated in a big space.
After the huge success of the re-release of the freestanding Albero  bookcase, a little-known yet very fascinating and masterful piece created by Gianfranco Frattini in the late 1950s, Poltrona Frau is launching the Albero Limited Edition  in olive wood. An exquisite material, olive is hard, compact, full of symbolic heritage and is highly prized in the furniture making trade.
Every example in the Albero Limited Edition collection is unique thanks to the artisan furniture maker, who skilfully chooses the best combination of woods for each piece to create an elegant inlaid effect.
The natural grain of the olive wood is emphasised in the vertical surfaces of the shelves with their elegant panel details.
Each bookcase features the designer's signature, the Poltrona Frau logo, the caption “Limited Edition” and laser-engraved numbering from 01|55 to 55|55 on the lower part of the frame.
With its adjustable rack and pinions and piston-shelves, this unconventional bookcase has something of the shape of an engine drive shaft. However, made entirely of wood, it also has all the warmth and vitality of a tree.



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