09 April 2019

Archibald | 10th anniversary


Jean-Marie Massaud sketches on paper the lines of an armchair. The movements are fast yet soft and with his hand produces nuances.

In 2009, Archibald was born and immediately achieved the Wallpaper* Award for “Best Domestic Design”, gaining international appreciation.

Archibald soon became a timeless product and a design icon.

Recognised for its free play of folds on the inner part of the backrest upholstered in Pelle Frau® leather. The unexpected detail such as the side ear, like a shirt collar left slightly open makes Archibald a contemporary design product.

Over the years, the Archibald Collection has grown with the Archibald King version, featuring a higher welcoming backrest, and the Gran Comfort, a generous armchair. This year the elegant dining chair joins the family.

Happy birthday Archibald!


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