18 April 2019


For the duration of Fuorisalone 2019, architect Michele De Lucchi has redesigned the showroom of Poltrona Frau in Via Manzoni 30, recounting his project, “Earth Stations", transforming the store into an informal and attractive space completely open to the public. The showing, “Connecting Experiences”, is much more than an exhibit for furniture, it’s a captivating place capable of stimulating new interpersonal relationships and adapting to new contemporary lifestyles in constant evolution.

“The curation of Poltrona Frau’s flagship store in Via Manzoni is a perfect example of this new approach”, De Lucchi explains. “People expect a showroom to be a space made to display furniture and objects, but now that’s a banal, cliché, and quite obvious interpretation. To have success and to differentiate itself, a space needs to be something more — it should become a unique point of reference: an attractive location that people want to visit not just for its conventional purpose. We’re architects for buildings and for us, Earth Stations are a new type of architecture. So, for the showroom, we interpreted the interiors of a historic Milanese palazzo, configuring interiors as if it were a station.”


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