13 June 2017

EXCELLENT SHOP 2016 | EMEA - Poltrona Frau announces the winners!

For over a houndred years Poltrona Frau offers a complete home décor system expressing its philosophy of living. A place that resembles us, that communicates our personal taste, that perfectly fits to our lives like a tailor-made outfit, that enhances our personality giving us maximum comfort. A comfortable place, where you like to stay and wish to return. A warm, welcoming environment, built slowly piece by piece. The exhibition areas of our Poltrona Frau Flagship Stores and Branded Spaces have the task of reflecting our philosophy and our values to ensure that our customers feel at home.


Thanks to the prestigious Excellent Shop contest, Poltrona Frau wants to reward the partners who best interpreted these values and enhanced the exhibition areas in accordance with the stylistic standards of the brand, through the presentation of coherent, decorative and visual elements and the ability to guarantee an excellent sales service.


Poltrona Frau is therefore pleased to announce below the best 2016 Flagship Store and Branded Space:


Best Monobrand Store Poltrona Frau | EMEA

Poltrona Frau Berlin- Premium Glas  – EXCELLENT SHOP 2016


Best Branded Space Poltrona Frau | EMEA

Böhmler – Munich   – EXCELLENT SHOP 2016


The full list is available in the DEALER'S AREA.


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