10 January 2017


Poltrona Frau launches its new web series. Stories of life and design in four episodes.

From January 2017 on the brand's social channels.


Scenes loosely based on a modern-day family. Boxes just about everywhere. The empty, already welcoming, rooms of a large house. The move is nearly complete. A young man is speaking with his wife.  Her face appears in the Skype window on his laptop as he takes her with him through all the rooms. Technologies bring people together; feelings also run online. This is the first of the four episodes of the new Home Stories web series produced by Poltrona Frau. It is on air on the Group's social channels, Instagram profile, Facebook page and Twitter account from January 2017.


Four little tales, stand-alone yet linked, where design and life meet up with fragments of everyday routine. The stars of each episode are the people and, along with them, a piece by Poltrona Frau. Ren mirror and clothes stand. The Gran Torino armchair. Lloyd bookcase. The Suzie Wong bed. These are the pivotal points around which the characters meet, chat, work and relax. We are neither in a showroom nor a statically perfect home in a glossy magazine. The Home Stories home is beautiful. However, it is an evolving space, taking shape as the people pass through it with their dreams, their desire to be together, their little daily struggles and pleasure in each other's company. Episode 2. Carlo is staying at home, his brow burning up with fever. But are we sure? Just a few frames later and he is playing at being the king of the boxes. Episode 3. Evening. Daddy walks up to the bookcase. Beyond it he sees a reflection of himself. Is this magic? It's Marta having fun hiding behind a mirror! Episode 4. She comes home.  “Anybody here?” Silence. Then a cat miaows… Marta peeps out. Time for a group hug on the big bed.


Poltrona Frau experiments with the most evolved languages, going beyond self-celebration of the brand and featuring its products in a totally non self-referential way. Its Home Stories are tales of emotions, to which the brand's many followers can relate. This web series is a new chapter in the Group's increasingly creative, engaging and interactive social communication strategy. The sets reflect the real life of the people who choose and love Poltrona Frau. His and her roles are interchangeable in the young family in the series. Their lifestyle, work habits and relationships mirror a reality where the warmth of the home, and links between family and people are a universal constant, to which everyone can relate. And the key words for design are imagination, elegance, commitment and home.


Each Home Stories video is also filmed so that it can also be used in more commercial contexts. Alongside the story itself, there is also a more informative part that can be used separately, where the designer explains how the article featured in the episode came to be.


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