06 April 2016


Poltrona Frau presents the very first reveal of the new film about its icons.
From 12 to 17 April in the showroom at 30 Via Manzoni in Milan.

First frame. A set in an elegant historical theatre, for the event turned into a film studio.  The electricians are making the final adjustments to the lights. Everything is ready. All that's missing are the actors. Just a few minutes to go before filming starts. They are all looking for them. Director, operator, assistant. Behind the scenes, in the boxes, among the trusses and in the dressing-rooms. A clue here and there. One of them, terribly elegant and known as the Englishman, finally makes his appearance. But all the others? This is how “Icons in motion” starts. An original film within a film. The very first reveal of the new video by Poltrona Frau in its showroom at 30 Via Manzoni in Milan.  To coincide with Design Week, from 12 to 17 April.

The unusual actors are six icon pieces of furniture by this company based in Tolentino. Chester, Dezza, Lyra, San Luca, 1919 and Vanity Fair. Six characters, each with its own charm, its own trait, its own allusion. Clues that reveal their presence during the video to real connoisseurs, to those who know their story and tradition. 


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