16 April 2012

….in a museum…

A new museum has been designed by Michele De Lucchi and constructed in Tolentino in the Poltrona Frau plant,  the museum will reveal the inner workings of Poltrona Frau, its hundred years of craftsmanship, design, quality and leather culture. The space is open to the public, deliberately designed to become a meeting place, a place of dialogue and reflection, and to host the people that visit the plant every year; designers, architects, students, journalists and customers from all over the world. Poltrona Frau hopes the museum will act as a homage to its land, where the processing of leather is a deep-rooted tradition. A homage to Italian-made excellence which has its roots in this district and which is recognised all over the world.


At the 2012 Design Village there is a set designed by Michele De Lucchi that announces the grand opening of the Museum in Tolentino. A structure designed also by De Lucchi, which tell from the inside the istorical process of the company, proposing itself as a constantly evolving vital place. A meeting point with the public and tribute to a territory where the manufacturing of leather is a consolidated tradition.


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