19 January 2015

Poltrona Frau Contract and Behnisch Architekten for the new WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) headquarters in Geneva

This was another international project for the Poltrona Frau Contract Division, which worked with German architecture office Behnisch Architekten, to furnish the conference room of the WIPO headquarters in Geneva.


As part of a project to create dedicated  spaces  for the forum, Poltrona Frau Contract applied  the designs of Behnisch Architekten to develop  cutting-edge seats for the plenary meetings room.


All 900 seats of the conference rooms are arranged around a single stage and positioned in the space in an entirely non-hierarchical arrangement. The room is therefore dynamic, comfortable and suitable for interaction between the representatives of the various countries.


Poltrona Frau Contract satisfied all requests of the client in terms of ergonomics, functionality and space management. To install as many seats as possible in the auditorium, PF Contract, together with Behnisch Architekten, proposed a flexible seat solution  that can be mounted either on wheels or on a rail system.


Given the innovative and technological aspects of the seat, the company decided to develop a complete range of seats  based on the same design but applicable to many different  conference centre  projects. The outcome is Geneva Chair, a range of sinuous and elegant chairs with a compact and light profile.


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