27 September 2016

Poltrona Frau presented in London (REN)Evolution, an installation by Neri&Hu

During this year's London Design Festival, leader in leather Italian furniture, Poltrona Frau, presented a new installation entitled (REN) EVOLUTION by Chinese design studio Neri&Hu, from its showroom in Fulham Road.


Inspired by the famous Qin Shi Huang's Terracotta Army soldiers and encapsulating minimalism and serialism, the installation showcased 32 pieces of the Ren Table in walnut, lined up in perfect order on a matt black oak platform. The Ren Table is part of the successful Ren collection, which was launched in Milan this April. A video installation was projected on the central showroom's wall, showcasing the making of the project.


This collection is the result of a study by Neri&Hu about the home entryway, an interesting space as it represents the border between the inside and the outside, separating the public dimension from the home privacy. Guests has been welcomed in this space which offered them the first glimpse of the personal furnishing style.


The collection reflects the nature of this domestic throughway, with a series of objects that are hybrid in their functions and materials: free-standing mirror coat rack, small table, console table, wall-mounted mirror coat rack and valet stand, all on display for the duration of the Festival.


All products are made in wood, brass and Poltrona Frau® leather.


For the silhouette of each piece, Neri&Hu have taken inspiration from the shape of the Chinese ideogram “ren”, which means “person, human being”.


Poltrona Frau also unveiled elements from the highly-lauded new 2016 collection which includes outstanding pieces such as the Almo sofa in Nest leather by Garcia Cumini, the Lepli collection combining together leather and fabric by Japanese designer Kensaku Oshiro, and Ming's Heart, a minimalist leather armchair by Shi-Chieh Lu. The purity of Ming's Heart chair lines, the perfect expression of Chinese and Oriental spirituality, reverberates in the no-frills geometric and cubic formality of the Western vision.



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