23 March 2018

Poltrona Frau presents MGM Theater at Macau, set to become the Premier Entertainment Destination in Asia

Poltrona Frau has designed and manufactured 2000 seats for the new MGM Cotai Resort Theater, which opened in February 2018.

Designed by Scéno Plus, the theatre is an engineering and architectural masterpiece. The custom-made seats - with more than 10 different configurations - have special features such as the wooden back and armrests and are equipped with an aisle light and push & pull cup holder.

This project has been an unprecedented success, raising the brand to the position of the world's leading high-end auditorium & theatre seating manufacturer. Audiences all over the world will be able to enjoy first-hand experience of the comfort, design and elegance of the Poltrona Frau seats installed in this prestigious theatre.



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