22 June 2016

Presentation of Franco Moschini's biography, President of Poltrona Frau

A long chat with Francesco Alberoni, a friend for over 30 years, retracing his own entrepreneurial experience but also telling much about himself and his loved ones.
This and much more is the book “Franco Moschini. Vita di un imprenditore del bello”, co-written by Francesco and Giulio Alberoni and presented on 21st June at Poltrona Frau showroom in Milan.
The meeting was moderated by Silvia Nani, a journalist from Corriere della Sera, as a fluent conversation in which the authors and Franco Moschini explained the reason of the collaboration, retraced the most curious and interesting episodes of the book, adding unpublished anecdotes. 
From the childhood to the success, through the challenges and the failures, Franco Moschini narrated his life, inextricably intertwined with Poltrona Frau and its evolution. A detailed account representing the history and the traditions of our country.
A convivial event between friends and admirers of Moschini and Poltrona Frau, the longtime and the more recent ones. Journalists, architects, designers, entrepreneurs, past and present employees attended the event to celebrate also the “ADI Compasso d'Oro Career Award” received a few days ago by the president.


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