Margherita marks our comeback at the La Nuvola Convention Center in Rome

23 JANUARY 2023

After 10 years, we are back in the Italian capital with the Margherita custom products collection.

The new collection, made up of small armchair, chair and stool, signed by Doriana e Massimiliano Fuksas has been developed together with the Poltrona Frau Custom Interiors business unit.

With a design recalling colorful flowers that free the interior space transforming it into environments to live as if we were outdoors. Places of freedom where creativity becomes the protagonist.

The products are equipped with a very resistant structure and are made with a leather or fabric cover, to be customized according to the project in which they can be inserted.

In contrasting colour combinations, just like a countryside landscape on a sunny spring afternoon.


With these features, the collection fits perfectly both aesthetically and conceptually in its natural habitat, La Nuvola. In fact, the Rome Convention Center has been designed combining an eco-friendly approach with technologically advanced solutions. Love for the environment and technology coexist supporting each other.


The collaboration between Poltrona Frau and the Studio Fuksas has illustrious precedents, such as the Bibi chair for the Auditorium del Grappa Nardini Research Center and the Carla armchair for the National Archive of France.