Ozwald Boateng x Poltrona Frau

Culture and Craft converge

16 September 2023

We are proud to unveil a groundbreaking collaboration with esteemed menswear designer Ozwald Boateng during London Design Week 2023. This exceptional partnership seamlessly merges cultural heritage and craftsmanship, resulting in a captivating collection that redefines design industry standards.


Ozwald Boateng's British-Ghanaian background and his natural inclination to revisit classic Savile Row tailoring in a contemporary style are a perfect match to Poltrona Frau's centuries-old Made in Italy craftsmanship expertise and cutting-edge approach to materials development. The city of London, with its cosmopolitan soul, provides the perfect backdrop for this historic collaboration, introducing a collection that showcases the perfect fusion of traditional tailor-made excellence and contemporary innovation.


The new collection applies the best of bespoke couture to timeless design: at the heart of the collection is a contemporary reinterpretation of Poltrona Frau's iconic Chester and Vanity Fair families. Drawing from his African roots, Boateng customizes the pieces with his signature "Tribal" pattern, masterfully imprinted on Pelle Frau® Nubuck leather and velvet fabric through the application of the pioneering hand-embossing technique experimented here for the first time. The resulting effect is highly textured and three-dimensional, further enhanced by Boateng's choice of intense and rich colors specifically created for this collection.


In addition, the collaboration extends to a selection of Beautilities complements, well-being accessories that embody functional luxury: a soft monochromatic rug, a cushion set, a wallpaper, a scented candle, and the African board game Mancala round out the offering, each expressing the artisanal culture rooted in tradition but with a creative approach projected into the future. In these accessories, you'll find another unique Ozwald Boateng design – the Kente pattern, a contemporary take on the traditional Ghanaian fabric.


The debut of the collection in London, at Poltrona Frau's flagship store on Fulham Road, Ozwald Boateng's boutique on Savile Row, and at Harrods Department Store, celebrates the beginning of a collaboration that enhances cultural heritages and harmoniously blends the past, present, and future of traditional craftsmanship, enriching the universe of design and fashion through a stimulating creative contamination.