Why Poltrona Frau

Architects & designers

The story of Poltrona Frau is also the story of the numerous Italian and international architects and designers with which it has collaborated over the years. Some have worked on just a single project, others have collaborated with the company regularly over many years, but all have become an integral part of the Poltrona Frau world.


Principal ingredient of its success, the leather represents for Poltrona Frau a project matter; symbol of elegance, prestige and quality.


Poltrona Frau’s textile collection is the fruit of continuous, in-depth study of material by the Poltrona Frau Style & Design Centre and its partnership with the most highly qualified Italian and international textile manufacturers, like Loro Piana e Kvadrat.

Other materials

Knowledge and culture of production, today transferred to the processing of marble and stone, glass, shells and metals.


Poltrona Frau was one of the first companies in Italy and the world to carry out an assessment in accordance with the ISO social responsibility guidelines. The certification obtained highlights the company's commitment to environmental sustainability and the health and safety of its workers.

Skills and technologies

Poltrona Frau boasts a team of highly trained professionals able to design customized products and environments, and relies on excellent craftsmen to make them even better through cutting-edge technologies and complex artisanal techniques.


Poltrona Frau’s values go beyond design and aesthetics. The company has always concerned itself with sustainability, i.e. of combining the quality of its furniture and complementary accessories with the health of those that produce them and their possible impact on the environment.