Archibald Anniversary Limited Edition. Analog Past, Digitized Future.

01 April 2022

110 years of heritage, craftsmanship and research. We celebrate this important threshold with a limited edition, that embodies the evolution and entrepreneurial perspective of the brand using a new and unexpected language, vibrantly full of color and that reaches to an even higher level of research and experimentation for the future starting from the upholstery.

Felipe Pantone, known for his frescoes, murals, paintings, and sculptures that blend an “analog past and a digitized future,” is the rare artist that can unify these two seemingly opposing forces, a sensibility that he has applied to a totally reinvented Archibald.

Pantone created a mesmerizing pattern that vibrates across the armchair’s leather surface, printed directly onto the leather using the same type of production usually reserved for small luxury leather goods. This pioneering printed leather technique was developed thanks to Poltrona Frau’s traditional in-depth artisan leather-working knowledge.

The Anniversary Limited Edition Archibald makes use of Poltrona Frau’s new Impact Less® leather, a result of the brand’s ongoing commitment to maximizing sustainability. Impact Less® leather is chrome-free, uses less and cleaner water and further reduces the consumption of chemical components of Poltrona Frau's already sustainable leather, itself a product of the circular economy.

To emphasize even more this vibration, the base and slender metal legs of the chair are finished with Multicolor Natural Chrome, leaving a purplish-blue iridescent finish that shimmers under the light.

Only 110 pieces will be made and available for purchase through Poltrona Frau’s e-commerce channel, flagship stores and select dealers worldwide. Each armchair will come with a custom-made clutch, a signed certificate of authenticity as well as a dedicated Pelle Frau® leather cleaning kit.

In addition, a hand-made miniature scale model of the armchair in leather will be available for purchase to give fans and followers of both Felipe Pantone and Poltrona Frau an opportunity to own a product of this special collaboration.