Vanity Fair XC extra-large is in Courmayeur for the Design Week-end

10 March 2022

Courmayeur, Piazza Brocherel 1 – 10/13 March

Following October 2020 event in Pietrasanta, the extra-large Vanity Fair XC arrives in Courmayeur in occasion of the second edition of the Design Week-end, a design and architecture festival involving famous projects designers and the main international brands.

Made with sustainable and eco-friendly materiale, the giant Vanity Fair XC and rigorously in the red color will welcome everyone to the Design week-end and will be in the spotlight, along with other creative art and innovative pieces, of the events and appointments dislocated in the renowned Aosta valley town.

Discover Vanity Fair XC XXL, elegance and modernity in a sculpture.

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