The True Evolution at Poltrona Frau Museum between the analogical past and the digital future

28 June 2022

From June 27th until December 23rd, 2022

The new Archibald limited edition armchair is ready to welcome you at the Poltrona Frau Museum in Tolentino, until December 23rd, to celebrate the brand's 110th anniversary.

The Museum recounts the history of the brand’s continuous evolution and anticipation of the times, serving as the perfect stage for a new project showcasing three artworks with which artist Felipe Pantone expresses his idea of change and transition from an analogue past to a highly digital future.

After 110 years, the brand chooses a new communication style and opens up to a new experimental season, towards new horizons, increasingly blurring the border between art and design and exploring new processing techniques and innovative materials.

Released in 110 pieces, the Archibald Anniversary Limited Edition is a real work of art reinterpreting the history and manual wisdom of Poltrona Frau through an unexpected language and vibrant colors inspired by the digital world.

A masterpiece of artistic expression and Italian craftsmanship, truly one-of-a-kind. Come see it for yourself!

For more details, explore the Archibald Anniversary Limited Edition

Poltrona Frau Museum
Via Cristoforo Colombo
62029 Tolentino (MC)