Arab League Hall

In 2015, Nada Debs, famous Lebanese designer, was appointed by the UAE for the renovation of the Arab League Hall in Cairo. The Hall was built in1955 by the modernist architect Riad Mahmoud after the British Army left Egypt. It carries a strong symbolic value for the entire Arab world, therefore only a designer with a strong Arab identity and heritage, but with a contemporary taste and spirit, could fulfil such a demanding task.

Poltrona Frau was asked to provide all the seating pieces, for its balance between heritage and modern vision.

The designer’s proposal maintained the historical features of the Hall, such as the Arab inscriptions on the wooden wall panels, or the geometric arabesque patterns. Nada Debs explains that each Arab nation has its own identity, but they are all connected through geometry.

Poltrona Frau respecting this attitude towards geometric lines provided the Chancellor seats for the delegates’ round table. Their understated geometries and strong visual presence perfectly resemble the message of peace and dialogue that permeates the room. Their customized blue-green colour, also used for the floor, has a symbolic value and represents the fertile Arab region.

All around the table, we have a first row of seats for the interpreters, white Le Big seats by Franco Perrotti, with integrated translation system in the armrests, while in the back of the hall we find the press area furnished with T85 seats, also in white colour and provided with translation system. All Poltrona Frau seating are characterized by a modern but universal style, that goes beyond any geographical and cultural border, communicating to all people the art and language of beauty and design.

Cairo, Egypt

Designed by
Nada Debs
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