A rich and welcoming item of furniture by definition, the bookcase is perhaps the piece of decor in which it is most difficult to find a balance between form and function. It must contain as much as possible while remaining aesthetically impeccable also when there are gaps.
It must be resistant but not unwieldy. Versatile but reliable. It must furnish but also know when to disappear. Versatile elements that play around with voids and solids in an alternating sequence of volumes and spaces, the Poltrona Frau Bookcases succeed in the tricky art of marrying practicality with elegance. Modern bookcases with strong personalities that leave their mark without ever eclipsing the books or objects they house, creating a harmonious relationship with the other items of furniture in the room. To meet all living requirements, Poltrona Frau proposes modular bookcases, freestanding bookcases, wall-mounted bookcases, two-sided bookcases, with fixed or variable configurations. Wooden bookcases, mainly, with sturdy and simple structures that are always easy on the eye. The sequence of elements and shelves forms a regular or changing rhythm, bringing balance and dynamism to the walls of the home. If books are the best possible decoration for a wall then Poltrona Frau bookcases are the perfect frame.