Meticulously crafted down to the finest detail and highly functional, Poltrona Frau office and meeting tables transmit a sense of efficiency and understated, modern elegance as soon as you set eyes on them. Thanks to an attentive study of proportions and the possibility of creating modular islands, they are more compact, guaranteeing users an agile and contemporary workspace. The ideal meeting table must be spacious and comfortable, allowing everyone the right amount of space to read or make notes, but not too large, so people can watch presentations projected from a central position. This is why all of the models in the catalogue are highly customisable, with central panels or internal compartments to tidy away cables, or the possibility of integrating electrical devices of the customer’s choosing. Thanks to the advent of new technologies, the office table has increasingly become a kind of multifunctional island in order to adapt to different needs. Poltrona Frau office furniture flexibly interprets this role, responding to all kinds of activities with specific solutions. In fact, every table can be integrated in a genuine system consisting of dressers, bookcases, filing cabinets, storage units with and without drawers, additional shelves and, of course, cable passageways.
They seem like details but they are in fact key features. Because a suitable piece of furniture in a working environment where you spend the majority of your day will improve your concentration, efficiency and, most importantly, your interpersonal relationships.