Scrambler 1100 Ducati Club Italia®

Scrambler 1100 Ducati Club Italia® is a limited-edition motorcycle created exclusively for members of Scuderia Club Italia, a prestigious association founded in 1989 by vintage/racing car drivers and lovers. 

All members, maximum 80, are united by a great passion for motors and cars, and the association organizes sporting events and shows promoting Italian historical automotive and motorcycle companies, such as Ducati.

Scrambler motorbikes are essentially road motorcycles that are also suitable for off-road tracks. A “scramble” of parts coming from different types of motorcycles, therefore its name.

Ducati Motors starting producing its first Scrambler model in the early 60’s. Scrambler 1100 Ducati Club Italia is the most exclusive and prestigious scrambler ever designed by Ducati, characterized by its red saddle in refined Pelle Frau® leather (SC 128 Carminio Automotive version) with the “Club Italia” logo embroidered on the back.

Two Italian excellences for the first time together, where the concept of seating acquires new and challenging boundaries. A partnership, or rather an elective affinity, created by the Luxury Interiors division of Poltrona Frau, founded in 1984 and dedicated to interior design projects for prestigious automotive, yacht, train, helicopter and airplane companies that often require sophisticated and innovative interior design ideas.

Once more, Poltrona Frau leaves its unmistakable mark in the design world, and this time we can really say, an unmistakable mark on-the-road.

Bologna, Italy

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