What do we mean by “modern furniture”? For Poltrona Frau it is a concept that goes well beyond designing and producing designer armchairs and sofas.
It is a balanced relationship between form and function, between pieces of designer furniture with strong aesthetic impact that never renege on comfort, proportion or harmonious dialogue with the other furnishings in a room. In short, modern furniture must first of all make a room - whether public or private - appealing to us. All Poltrona Frau products follow this simple rule.


Designer furnishing trends change quickly, as do construction material and technology trends. And herein lies the most intriguing challenge for a brand that has never been interested in the here and now: seeking each time to propose new designs inspired by a way of life consistent with the Poltrona Frau values.


Leather armchairs and sofas but also lamps, bookcases, beds, tables, desks, complementary furnishings... in the end, all Poltrona Frau products are an expression of the same wish. The desire to offer quality furniture that reflects our quality of life.


Poltrona Frau is a lifestyle. With a rich and wide-ranging catalogue that can furnish anywhere from public spaces to hospitality environments, from the office to the home, indoors and outdoors, Poltrona Frau delivers its artisan know-how and culture of beautiful spaces with timeless taste and savoir vivre "all'Italiana".

Limited Editions

There are special occasions that offer an opportunity to celebrate great designers or iconic models from the Poltrona Frau catalogue. Affectionate and attentive tributes created from scratch or respectful and logical reinterpretations of existing products.
Designer furnishings created to celebrate special events and, at the same time, to underline the continuity of the Poltrona Frau story.