Poltrona Frau office chairs always have that little bit more than the others. In fact, their aim is to combine the practicality and ergonomics required of this specific category of furniture with an idea of beauty and comfort usually associated with domestic environments. They are designed according to the same guidelines and inspiring principles that underpin the entire Poltrona Frau catalogue: materials that are as natural as possible, expertly handcrafted; meticulous designs in which form and function are perfectly balanced: an attention to detail that can be seen in every processing phase. The upshot of this is resistant, comfortable and practical ergonomic chairs that are also highly elegant and aesthetically pleasing. The ideal work companions during the many hours we are consigned to our desks, pleasant to touch, Poltrona Frau office chairs support and cushion the body preventing us from assuming incorrect positions. They furnish rooms with personality but also discretion, adding a touch of warmth and homeliness to even the most impersonal of offices. Available in a wide range of models and finishes in leather or fabric, they comply with the most stringent international safety standards, guaranteeing top-level technical performances even after many years.