Pelle Frau® Impact Less leather

15 September 2022

Pelle Frau® Impact Less leather

Pelle Frau® Impact Less leather: an achievement but also a new beginning towards sustainability.

Pelle Frau® Impact Less leather inaugurates a journey that will gradually see the introduction of the chromium-free tanning process and technologies for reducing the environmental impact of all the leathers that bear the name Pelle Frau®: by 2022, the entire series of Pelle Frau® ColorSphere®, in its 73 SC variants, become "impact less". By 2030 the entire Pelle Frau® range will become Pelle Frau® Impact Less on all of our product range.

This important achievement is the result of our forty-year commitment to researching leather and the processes of tanning, finishing and processing. This research has always been geared towards saving energy resources and reducing the impact on the environment.

Pelle Frau® Impact Less means:
• traceable and certified suppliers;
• chromium-free tanning;
• compensation for CO2 emissions
• Certified Emission Reductions

It represents a conscious production and purchasing choice that guarantees a lower use of precious energy resources and substances that can impact the environment.

Find out how to be "Impact Less" with Pelle Frau® ColorSphere®.