Franco Perrotti

Born in 1953 in Pescara, after abandoning the architecture faculty in Pescara, Franco Perrotti moved to Milan, where he attended the Scuola Politecnica di Design. He worked for nine years at the Centro Progetti Tecno in Milan, designing renovations and setups for showrooms and events, collaborating with numerous companies to design products for offices, homes, and communities. In 1997, he moved back to Abruzzo and founded "Rude Bravo Design Workshop," a laboratory of ideas, projects, products, and artifacts. Today, the Officina D’Essai studio continues and expands the history started in 1997, shifting towards architecture, art, and interior design. The trajectory continues in the groove of curiosity, experimentation, and the consolidation of its own design language. The professional and visionary know-how of Franco Perrotti is supported by the critical knowledge of the young architect Jacopo Perrotti.