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How can I request a quote?

To request a quote or receive personalised consultation you can fill out the dedicated form

Can I see the catalogues online?

All of the catalogues can be viewed online and downloaded from the dedicated section of our website.

Can I get the product data sheets?

You can download the data sheets and the 2D and 3D files of all our products from the “Professionals” section of the respective pages.

Can I get samples of the materials (leather, fabrics, etc.)?

To see samples of the materials, please contact your nearest authorised retailer, which you can find by using our “Store Locator” tool.

How can I keep up to date on the latest news from the world of Poltrona Frau?

To be the first to know about the latest Poltrona Frau collections, events, initiatives and projects, subscribe to our newsletter.

What is Poltrona Frau's privacy policy?

You can view the privacy policies adopted by our company at the following links: B2C Privacy Policy and B2B Privacy Policy.

Does Poltrona Frau use sustainable materials in its collections?

Our Pelle Frau® Research and Development Centre is continuously studying ways of reducing environmental impact during the processing and transformation of leather. Today, this commitment has led to the creation of the new Pelle Frau® ColorSphere Impact Less collection: a leather tanned without chromium that cuts the total use of chemical substances by 15% and water consumption by 10%, for a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions throughout the tanning process.

Where can I buy Poltrona Frau products?

Poltrona Frau products can be purchased at one of our retail stores. You can view the complete list of stores, monobrand centres, branded spaces and authorised retailers in the “Store Locator” section of our website.

How can I find out which retailers stock the collection that interests me?

The “Store Locator” section details which Poltrona Frau collections are available at each authorised retailer.

Do the products have a guarantee for consumers?

To obtain all information regarding the products’ guarantee for consumers, you can refer to the complete details on our website, under the section 'Legal Guarantee' on the dedicated page.

What should I do if the surface of my leather product has small wrinkles or imperfections?

Pelle Frau® is always “full grain”, the finest and most durable layer of the cowhide, to which no corrections are applied. Veins, wrinkles, scars and insect bites are distinctive characteristics of leather and a guarantee of its quality and authenticity; as such, they are not to be regarded as imperfections but rather as "features" that enhance the value of your product, making it unique.

How can I take care of my product?

You can download the care and maintenance instructions from the “Professionals” section of the page of the product you have purchased.

If there are no instructions present, contact our Customer Service who will provide all the assistance you need.

I need assistance (repair, possibility of a new covering, etc.) for a Poltrona Frau product that I own. What should I do?

Poltrona Frau is always happy to be able to satisfy the requests and desires of its customers. To receive the requested assistance, you can contact the store where you made the purchase or one of the authorized retailers, providing, if possible, a photo of the product and its identifying label.

Where is the Poltrona Frau Museum?

The Poltrona Frau Museum is located at the company's headquarters in Tolentino (MC).

You can find directions for getting to the museum at the following link.

What are the Poltrona Frau Museum's opening hours?

The Poltrona Frau Museum is open to the public from Tuesday to Friday from 2pm to 6pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm.

The museum will be closed on the following days: 1 November, 8 December, and from 24 December to 8 January (inclusive).

For requests to visit the museum outside of the regular hours it is open to the public, you can contact us via e-mail at [email protected].

How much does it cost to visit the Poltrona Frau Museum?

Admission to the Poltrona Frau Museum is free.

It is possible to book a tour with an expert guide at an extra charge. Check the price list on our website.

How can I book a guided tour of the Poltrona Frau Museum?

To book a tour of the Poltrona Frau Museum with an expert guide you can contact us at +39 0733 909 447, or via e-mail, at [email protected].

Is the Poltrona Frau Museum accessible to schools?

The Poltrona Frau Museum is enthusiastic about contributing to raising awareness of the history of Italian design and craftsmanship among the new generations. This is why we are always happy to welcome students from schools of all types and stages.

To book a visit or discuss potential partnerships and projects write to us at [email protected]

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