Studio Severini Associati + Partners

The Studio Severini Associati + Partners was founded in the late 1990s in Tolentino, in the heart of Italy. Its objective is to combine and provide complementarity to different training and professional experiences in urban planning, architecture, project management, design, and structural and infrastructural design.

The studio is characterized by the diversification and integration of skills, which has always allowed for greater "intellectual openness" within the mechanisms of design for higher quality and contemporaneity of interventions. The design thinking of the studio is based on experience, research, and the act of architecture, starting from the belief that there is a close and inseparable relationship between architecture and urban planning, between architecture and the people who inhabit and enliven it.

Architecture capable of generating order in the urban development of the city seems to be a guiding thread in the group's experience. In this logic, projects such as the recovery of the Staveco area in Bologna, a strategic area near the historical center of the city, the project for the new directional citadel in Ancona, or the redevelopment and enhancement of the Pace area in Tolentino can be understood.

Over a relatively short period, several projects have been produced for both the private and public markets: directional and commercial centers, healthcare facilities, tourist villages, residential complexes, and prestigious villas. Collaborations include the ALITALIA Group (for the project of the new Pilot School center), the LUBE Group (with the realization of the office center), the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Instruction, and the company PENTHOUSE REAL ESTATE, among others.

Significant is the collaboration with the GIOMETTI REAL ESTATE group, a leader in film distribution, for which a new multiplex cinema concept has been designed and already inaugurated in several cities (Prato multiplex 14 rooms, Palacongressi di Riccione multiplex 6 rooms, Tolentino Multiplex 7 rooms, etc.).

The in-depth study of issues related to collective spaces led to collaboration with the FRAU group for the creation of a new collection of seats dedicated to cinemas and auditoriums, which becomes part of the prestigious company's contract catalog. Also interesting is the recent collaboration with Juventus FC Real Estate for the study of the redevelopment of the Continassa area in Turin, aimed at the realization of the Juventus Village.

Today, the group, strengthened by the twenty-year professional collaboration with various partners and a new generation of professionals, forms a complete organization that gathers all the skills necessary for the integrated development of a project.

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