The history of design summarized in a hotel

Interno Marche opens in Tolentino

We are pleased to announce the official inauguration of the Hotel Interno Marche in Tolentino on May 15th. This project involves us emotionally as well, given our connection to those who have brought it to fruition.

Interno Marche is much more than a hotel: it is a cultural project that encapsulates the spirit of a region and the story of 60 years of interior design history, right in its name. The rooms, each unique, are inspired by the style and works of various famous designers and furnished with their furniture and decor.


The construction site (the only one in the world with GBC Historic Building and LEED for Hospitality environmental sustainability certifications) involved 70 companies, almost all from the region, and a team of over 2000 people dedicated to restoring the historic Villa Gabrielli.


This former factory of the Nazareno Gabrielli company later became the headquarters of Poltrona Frau and the residence of entrepreneur and patron Franco Moschini, who led our company for many years and was a significant promoter of Made in Italy design worldwide.

Moschini is indeed the soul of the project, passionately pursuing it to tell the stories of the designers he collaborated with in various companies throughout his entrepreneurial journey. The result is a refined house-museum that appeals to design enthusiasts, travelers seeking unique tourist experiences, and professionals traveling for work in a region rich with enterprises.


Following a pre-opening from April 15th to 20th for the local community, the first guests arrived in the days following Milan Design Week and then visited our company.

Now, the Hotel is ready to welcome all who wish to immerse themselves in the history of design.


We look forward to seeing you in Tolentino!