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Elegant and timeless home-office collection

Not only sofas and armchairs, but even bookcases, tables, beds, wardrobes, cupboards and interior design items. Poltrona Frau offers a complete home décor system expressing their philosophy of living. A place that resembles us, that communicates our personal taste, that perfectly fits to our lives like a tailor-made outfit, that enhances our personality giving us maximum comfort. An elegant environment where everyone can relax and feel comfortable. Where you can gather your loved ones, best reads, experiences, treasures. A Poltrona Frau home is the exact opposite of a “beautiful polished house”. It refuses to be a mere status symbol to be shown off and prefers to be considered a comfortable place, where you like to stay and wish to return. A warm, welcoming environment, built slowly piece by piece. The ideal setting for collecting and enhancing all the odd pieces that build our story and our everyday life. This is why a Poltrona Frau home has always a unique and unmistakable atmosphere: its owner’s style.

Between quality, comfort and function

Poltrona Frau interprets the different needs and aspirations of the contemporary lifestyle. As always, each piece of furniture showcases tradition and craftsmanship, in a classic and timeless style that embodies universal elegance. From the home to the office, from public spaces to vehicle interiors, Poltrona Frau delivers uncompromising quality with attention to comfort and functionality.

The iconic and timeless

We can define as “icons” by Poltrona Frau items whose design has become “settled” to the extent that they can be deemed to represent an entire period, or rather to in some way “summarise” the design style of a particular creator. The Poltrona Frau icons are clear, intense objects you will fall in love with. They are immediately recognisable and thus recognised, become the main calls for our attention in the home, those which play the role of giving a meaning to our furnishing solutions as a whole, those set to last out passing trends. To cross generations.

Vanity Fair, 1930

Renzo Frau

Archibald, 2009

Jean-Marie Massaud

GINGER, 2011

Roberto Lazzeroni

Dezza, 1965

Gio Ponti

The night

The night shrouds all things, sounds soften and life unfolds into a dream. Poltrona Frau presents a grand tour of enchanted buildings and magnificent mansions in a silent and secluded yet beautiful Italy. Room after room tells a story of art and magic, which is fully revealed in the first light of dawn. The shapes are designed to welcome sleep with natural elegance: Welcome to the Poltrona Frau night, where your Italian dream continues day after day. Through this project Poltrona Frau supports the FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano (the Italian National Trust) and its indispensable work for the protection and conservation of Italy’s artistic and natural heritage.

A modern office

In the more than 100 years of the company's history, Poltrona Frau "Office" has emerged. People accustomed to the uniqueness of a Poltrona Frau Home can now enjoy the same total satisfaction and uniqueness in the workplace, with the same comfort, the same perfect definition of details, and the same material aspect of carefully selected leathers. The skilful use of Pelle Frau® leather in particular, which has always been a guarantee of quality and durability, introduces a truly rare feature into the office environment. In addition, to stimulate and accommodate the capacity for innovation that distinguishes leaders everywhere and at all times, Poltrona Frau has redefined that dimension in which its managerial skills and creative talents are expressed. This is how Poltrona Frau's design masterpieces for the home-office were born: unique examples of design virtuosity, created for the different needs of an ever-changing working life.