We won the Corporate Heritage Awards 2023

7 November 2023

“Narration through words, images, and sounds” is the category award given to our monograph “100+10” during the third edition of the Corporate Heritage Awards promoted by Leaving Footprints - an academic spinoff of the University of Sannio and the University of Napoli Parthenope. We are truly proud to have received an award that confirms the achievement of our goal, which is to put the company and the enhancement of its historical and cultural heritage at the center.


Ours is a story that began over 110 years ago, and we are increasingly aware of how valuing our roots is of great value to the entire country. With our monograph, we wanted to tell what we were in our first 100 years of history - between craftsmanship, know-how, and quality - what we are today, but also and above all, what we want to be in the future. Because we are convinced that looking at the past and analyzing our roots is the best tool for innovation.


Our commitment to wanting to pass on the historical and cultural heritage that sets us apart is so great that in 2012, we decided to give life to the Poltrona Frau Museum, a space of 1400 square meters designed by Michele De Lucchi, which was created with the aim of preserving, conserving, and communicating the company's testimonies, contributing to the creation of a collective historical memory of Italian design and craftsmanship.