NOVAT - Novosibirsk State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet

The Novosibirsk State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet is the main symbol of the Siberian city of Novosibirsk. It’s the only theatre in the world, which was built and unveiled during World War II. It’s also often called the “Siberian Colosseum” for its huge size, extension and beauty. The authors of the project wanted to create a huge panoramic theatre, where the cars, tractors, tanks could appear on the stage right from the street. The construction of the theatre was completed in February 1944, and the first performance was held on May 12th 1945. It is the largest theatre in Russia, larger than the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. 

With such an impressive story, only an experienced and talented group could take care of its renovation project.

Thanks to its long-time experience and know-how, in 2018, Poltrona Frau Custom Interiors was asked to completely refurbish the 1600 historical seats of the entire theatre, both in the main auditorium and balconies and in the Small Hall.

The project, completely custom made, started from the original blueprints dating back to the 1930’s focusing on comfort, quality of the materials while guaranteeing an improved stage visibility. 

The renovation included specific custom-made carpentry work for the panels and thrones of the surrounding balconies. The original design and project were completely respected and preserved in the style and colouring. 

On the contrary, even though the Novat theatre preserves its historical look, it surprisingly is the most technologically advanced theatre in Russia, and for this reason it stages some of the most important national and international festivals.

Novosibirsk, Russia

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