The Poltrona Frau collection of Tables is extremely rich, designed to carry out all possible functions: exquisitely crafted dining tables and occasional tables in natural materials and fine woods that enliven a room just with their presence. Modern tables with strong personalities: some with light and dynamic lines, others larger and more imposing. They all stand out for their well-balanced proportions, a quality which enables designer tables to be both beautiful and, at the same time, resistant and functional. In fact, there is an invisible thought behind every item of Poltrona Frau furniture: the idea that a design must stem from an attentive study of ergonomics in order to blossom into a solution that is laudable but never an end in itself, which in other words is able to relate with the surrounding environment. In short, exactly what a good design must always be: a choice based on ethics rather than aesthetics which prioritises a life philosophy that is never ostentatious but based on the intrinsic quality of objects and the pleasure of enjoying them every day, over time.