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04 March 2021

Poltrona Frau Custom Interiors furnishes the Novosibirsk State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet

In 2018 Poltrona Frau Custom Interiors, an excellence in the Contract and Special Projects field, curated the refurbishment of the Novosibirsk’s NOVAT historical seatings, both in the main auditorium and in the balconies and Small Hall.

Starting from the ‘30s original blueprints, Poltrona Frau provided 1.600 seats focusing on comfort and on the quality of materials and techniques to guaranteeing an improved stage visibility.

In particular, the balconies display brand new thrones and panelling perfectly identical to those of the thirties, thanks to the excellent custom-made carpentry work.

Thanks to the work of Poltrona Frau theatre, music and ballet enthusiasts have a new reason to visit the NOVAT (Novosibirsk State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet).

The Novosibirsk State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet is the sole theatre inaugurated during WWII, thanks to a team of young architects who interpreted the visionary ideas of Vsevolod Emilevič Meyerhold, a famous Russian theatre director, actor, and theatrical producer.

The building is located at the centre of Novosibirsk, it is the city landmark and is often called the "Siberian Coliseum" because of its size and beauty.

The size is not the only record of the NOVAT: with computerized stage equipment, it became the most technically advanced one in Russia. For these reasons it serves as stage for many national and international festivals, and for many professional awards.

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