Poltrona Frau Museum

Poltrona Frau Museum

The tradition of the future


The Poltrona Frau Museum is a private institution open to the public, whose main purpose is to guard, preserve, communicate and enhance the testimonies of the company. It is a place of enrichment and cultural entertainment, in which it is possible to experience the product, the raw materials and the company communication. Also ensuring the use of its collection, the Museum contributes to the creation of a collective historical memory of Italian design and craftsmanship, as well as to increase the perception of corporate culture.


With the definition of Vision, the Poltrona Frau Museum proposes itself to outline the idea of a museum to which it tends, through the realization of activities coherent with the company values. The museum hopes to become a point of reference for the study, the research in the field of high-end furniture design and to have an active role in the dissemination of socio-cultural evolution and of progresses in the company's business and industrial history.

  • Poltrona Frau Museum, Tolentino

    The colors of the brand welcome you in the company path.

  • The Lightwell

    The Vanity Fair icon welcomes you in a timeless space

  • The words of Poltrona Frau

    Material and color. A digital journey through materials, tools and working techniques.

  • The Intelligence in our hands

    Suggestive films for working phases described as a succession of ancient and careful gestures.

  • The historical journey

    History and culture in the exhibition itinerary designed by Michele De Lucchi.

  • The History

    Through graphics, images and archival documents during the 100 years of Poltrona Frau.

  • The Contract Division tale

    A journey through the biggest theaters and auditoriums in the world.

  • The Interiors in Motion Division tale

    How to imagine traveling in the best comfort ever.

  • The Leathership®

    Materials of excellence for Poltrona Frau.

  • Reading Room

    A collection of architecture and design booksis available for the public.

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  • Museum activities Creative families

    It is a creative workshop for families. It aims to raise awareness about craftsmanship and the value of raw materials. Parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, will be able to visit the Poltrona Frau Museum together and at the end of the journey work creatively together with the creation of an object that will bring home as a souvenir of the day spent together.

  • Museum activities Leather in colours

    Museum Education Workshops 6-10 years (IN ACCORDANCE WITH SET TIMETABLE) The 'Leather in colours' workshop is dedicated to primary schools and aims to involve children in a creative process to understand the activities necessary for the development of a project. Through the realization of their idea they can establish a first connection with the unknown world of design. The designed activity is based on an emotional, expressive and tactile approach. Contact the museum to check the available dates for the educational

  • Museum activities Logbook. Young reporter at the Poltrona Frau Museum

    Museum Education Workshops 10-13 years (IN ACCORDANCE WITH SET TIMETABLE) The workshop aims to train and stimulate the critical sense of young visitors, who will be able to subjectively select the most interesting and emotional parts of the visit by creating their own storytelling in a logbook that will remain as a memory of the day. Contact the museum to check the available dates for the educational

  • Museum activities That's how I'll tell you the Museum!

    Museum Education Workshops 14-18 years (IN ACCORDANCE WITH SET TIMETABLE) The laboratory aims to deepen the excursus on advertising of the 1900s and to convey the value of good corporate communication. After a focus on the graphics exhibited in the collection starting from the tower of the years 10-20 up to the last of the 2000s, the students will be divided into groups of 4/5 members. Each group will have to design an advertising campaign that they will be able to share in their official social media channels. The best idea will be rewarded for being used in the company's communication channels. Contact the museum to check the available dates for the educational

  • https://s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/openreply-poltronafrau/prod/poltronafrau/wysiwyg/01_famiglie_creative.jpg
  • https://s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/openreply-poltronafrau/prod/poltronafrau/wysiwyg/02_pelle-a-colori.jpg
  • https://s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/openreply-poltronafrau/prod/poltronafrau/wysiwyg/03_giovani-reporter.jpg
  • https://s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/openreply-poltronafrau/prod/poltronafrau/wysiwyg/04_come-ti-comunico-il-museo.jpg
Plan your visit

According to the 13th March 2021 Prime Ministerial Decree, the Poltrona Frau Museum will be closed to the public until the 20th of April. Waiting to see you again, keep following us through our social networks! facebook.com/PoltronaFrau ~ instagram.com/poltronafrauofficial


Via Cristoforo Colombo 62029 Tolentino (MC)



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