Beauty meets functionality

7 September 2023

Three new collections launched in Paris as part of the Beautilities line

On the occasion of the prestigious Maison&Object 2023 design fair and Paris Design Week, three new collections are unveiled at our flagship store, as part of the new Beautilities line: accessories and complements that combine a refined elegance with flawless functionality and turn the everyday living into an unparalleled experience of well-being. The Beautilities collections embody our ongoing mission to create iconic objects that transcend fleeting trends, drawing inspiration from tradition while always looking towards the future, promoting mental, physical, and social wellness.

The three collections launched are the Pet Collection, a collection of accessories designed exclusively for small and medium-sized pets, and two unseen collections Giobagnara x Poltrona Frau: the Games Collection, which enhances social moments of entertainment with sophisticated board games, and the Fitness Collection, for a unique workout experience at home.


The Pet Collection includes all the essential accessories to ensure the well-being of pets (and their owners), both at home and outside: collar, leash, dog bag, dog bed, sofa and travel plaid, biscuits pocket, foulard, and keychain stand out for their refined aesthetics, quality of materials and precision workmanship, ensuring an unparalleled comfort in style.


The Games Collection include the most iconic board games ever, a ludic heritage whose richness continues to entertain entire generations in every corner of the globe. Dominoes, cards, chess, checkers, Chinese checkers, dice, mahjong, and backgammon provide an opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family, while at the same time offering the opportunity to be surrounded by elegant objects that enrich the living space.


Lastly, the Fitness Collection showcases all the equipment needed to create a sophisticated gym inside the comfort of your own home, where self-care can be taken care of. The collection consists of a jump rope, a mat, a pair of picnic rackets for outdoor recreation, and several sets of weights to improve muscular tone.


In each element of these collections is instilled the same care that we dedicate to all products in our catalog: whether they are home complements that enhance the domestic experience or practical items to upgrade the daily routine of pets and owners, the new collections stand out for their exquisite design and strong visual impact. Their functionality is accentuated by the use of materials of the highest quality and meticulous craftsmanship, conveying the savoir-faire of over 111 years of Made in Italy tradition.


The collections will soon be available in store at authorized Poltrona Frau and Giobagnara outlets and online. In the meantime, you can find us here:



◼ in Poltrona Frau's Flagship store at Rue du Bac, 29 with the new Beautilities and the 2023 Pleasures Collection;


◼ at the Giobagnara stands at Maison&Objet (Hall 7 Signature, Stand A13-C14-A27-C28-A37-C38) until September 11;


◼ at the Luxury Living Group store, 16 Avenue George V, thanks to a new corner dedicated to our brand.