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The Mattresses — Lipari

The Mattresses — Lipari

The Lipari mattress has pocket springs.
Can be used on both sides ∙ Medium load-bearing capacity ∙ 7 differentiated load-bearing zones · Soft ∙ Ergonomic ∙ Anti-mite ∙ Self-moulding ∙ Cleanable ∙ Air-cooled ∙ Breathable and ventilated · Correct sleeping position ∙ Removable cover (zip that goes right around the edge)
Thickness: 23 cm

Natural hemp. Anti-mite, jacquard weave.
2. Heat-accumulating winter padding in pure virgin wool from WOOLMARK certified shearing.
3. Padded case lining in natural cotton fabric.
4. Sprung structure covered in natural cotton fabric.
5. Anti-humidity micro-perforated insulation for perfect breathability in non-deforming, micro-perforated, high density expanded POLYCELL.
6. Perimeter box support in non-deforming, micro-perforated, high density expanded POLYCELL, micro-perforated and anti-humidity.
7. Springs in 7 differentiated load-bearing zones for the different pressure points, comprising, for the double bed, of approximately 850 carbon steel wire springs with diameter of 1.8 mm, tempered, independent, self-moulding and in separate fabric pockets.
8. Summer padding in heat-diffusing pure staple cotton.

Matching bed base. Vespero.
Being a mattress with pocket springs, Lipari is not particularly suited to a base with manual or electrical movements. Its natural match is a fixed frame.

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Materassi – Lipari
Materassi – Lipari
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