Gli Oggetti — Leather Case

Simona Cremascoli

Gli Oggetti — Leather Case

Leather Case: two boxes that combine an elegant sepia-coloured Pelle Frau® Nubuck cover with a transparent and iridescent sharp-edged methacrylate lid. The covers of the Leather Case boxes are precision-crafted, the sides wrapped in seamless leather with perfectly clean 45° cuts.

The four external faces are upholstered with two pieces of leather embellished with short-stitch embroidery that creates a delicate and precise graphic design. The Simona Cremascoli logo is branded on the bottom of the box and can be seen thanks to a stylish magnifying effect through the methacrylate lid. The Leather Case boxes comes in two sizes, small and large. 


    La Collezione
    97.4 MB
    Simona Cremascoli
    Designed by

    Simona Cremascoli

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