I Coordinati Notte - Luxor

Simona Cremascoli

I Coordinati Notte - Luxor

The Poltrona Frau Coordinated Bed Linen collection include two bed linen sets, Luxor in a 600-thread cotton and Bruges in exquisite linen. Both sets feature a duvet cover, sheet and pillowcase, each one embellished with hand-stitched embroidery. One side of the duvet cover is decorated with a jacquard pattern inspired by traditional tailoring.

The colour palette selected by Poltrona Frau has a range of three colour variants - Off White, Orchid and Gunmetal - that blend perfectly with the shades of Pelle Frau® leather. 

The name of the set, Luxor, alludes to the Egyptian origins of the fabric. Poltrona Frau selects the most exquisite varieties of the fibre sourced from the area around the River Nile, where the high water levels produce the highest quality fibres.

The cotton sateen is obtained by working the longest, finest and most exquisite strands to create silky and resistant accessories with long-lasting beauty. The fabric is constructed with warp and weft threads combed and twisted together in two stands of Extra-Long Stable cotton yarn. The sateen is created on a Jacquard loom to create a structured and compact material, which brings out the natural shine of the cotton. The construction is achieved by skilfully balancing the high quality 600-thread count with a consistent weight of 125 grams per square metre, which remains cool when in contact with skin. The design of the duvet cover evokes a classic birds’ eye motif, an elegant nod to sartorial style, which is expressed to its full potential on the bright and silky cotton sateen.

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Simona Cremascoli
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Simona Cremascoli

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