I Coordinati Notte - Venezia

Simona Cremascoli

I Coordinati Notte - Venezia

The Venezia duvet, , crafted entirely in silk, offer the exceptional softness, lightness and warmth of the exquisite natural fibre.

Originating in China, where it was traditionally used to create make clothing for the emperor, silk is the finest fibre in the world, just 11 microns thick compared to 15 microns for cashmere.

Known for its exceptional properties of heat regulation and its ability to absorb body moisture, it is the ideal fibre for the Venezia duvet. The fill in Mulberry silk, a natural fibre with long and extremely fine regular fibres, is ideal in any climate: it keeps in heat in cold temperatures and offers comfortable breathability in more temperate climates. The duvet weighs just 2.5 kg for the 205x260 cm dimension and 2.2 kg for the 205x220 dimension. The lining and the piping, which embellishes the outer edge are 100% white cotton. 

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Simona Cremascoli
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Simona Cremascoli

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