Simona Cremascoli


Contemporary design and time-honoured artisan traditions meet in the Land rugs. The dye of this yarn offers up incredibly saturated and deep shades like rust, charcoal grey, dark blue and natural.  The colours of the earth. In fact, the name Land alludes to the special way that the wool used in these rugs is woven, its texture reminiscent of ploughed fields seen from above.

Simona Cremascoli chose to employ the ancient hand-weaving technique of Sumak because it gives the rugs strength and body. The weavers wrap the woollen weft threads two by two around robust cotton threads that create the structure, forming small braids that give rhythm to the surfaces.

Land rugs are made from 100% wool, woven and knotted by hand on wooden frames. The edging, also in wool, is hand-stitched right around the perimeter of the rug and painstakingly finished. The composition of the structure + usable surface area is 20% cotton and 80% wool. It is 10 mm thick and weighs 3.5 kg/m2. Dimensions 200x300cm and 250x350 cm. Made-to-measure dimensions also available on request with maximum length of 7000 cm, minimum width of 40 cm and maximum width of 400 cm. The 200x300 cm and 250x350 cm versions have two different-coloured bands. The 90x280 cm version stands out for its motif consisting of thick and narrow alternating horizontal bands in two different colours. Land rugs are produced in India with respect for our working conditions. The hand-sewn saddle-leather label is stamped with the Poltrona Frau brand.


    HOME and NIGHT Collection - Consumer 2019
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    La Collezione
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    I Tappeti - Land
    I Tappeti - Land
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