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Mini Archibald | Anniversary Limited Edition


Mini Archibald | Anniversary Limited Edition

Archibald Limited Anniversary Edition can also be yours in miniature. Handmade with the same care and attention to detail as the large version. And with Pelle Frau® leather, designed by Felipe Pantone.

Le Miniature are desirable little objects: the armchairs that have shaped the history of design reproduced to scale by Poltrona Frau Style & Design Centre with the same precision, care and perfection as the originals.

A toy for grown-ups, a gift idea, an exclusive and valuable ornament.

Not only aimed at collectors but at all those who seek lasting value when they choose a Poltrona Frau product.
Le Miniature are true examples of artisan virtuosity. Each model is made by hand using the same materials and finishes as the original, and covered in soft Pelle Frau® leather. The Le Miniature collection includes the Vanity Fair, Dezza 24, Don’do, Intervista and Archibald seats, which are exactly 1/5 the size of the originals.

Mini Archibald Anniversary Limited Edition
The 2022 True Evolution Collection
63.98 MB

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