Gastone Rinaldi


The furniture catalogue that Gastone Rinaldi put together for RIMA in the mid-50s was largely dedicated to seats: armchairs, chairs and sofas. However, there were also a number of extremely finely-measured incursions into the world of accessories, including small serving tables, magazine holders and the T 904 bench.

This product type was quite rare in Italy at the time and Rinaldi probably took his inspiration from Nordic culture. Originally, the T 904 was a side table (as suggested by the code) which can, however, be moved around using the handles. With cushions, it becomes a seat. In vintage photos, Rinaldi places two of the three cushions on top of each other to create a kind of armrest for those who wish to sit and always leaves part of the surface free for a glass or a magazine.


    La Collezione
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    Gastone Rinaldi
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    Gastone Rinaldi

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