Marianne | Pot

Michele De Lucchi

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Each one is a unique designer object, a true example of the art of blown glass. The glass is blown in an open mould consisting of steel strips. The molten glass is blown through the strips at different intensities resulting in a vase that is slightly, albeit visibly different each time. The milk white finish of the Marianne vase is obtained by combining a layer of white glass with the transparent glass in the crucible. 

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Marianne | Pot

Michele De Lucchi
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The accessory/non-voluminous products will be delivered by Fast Corriere (DHL) in 5-8 working days for Italy. This provision does not apply in the event that the order also contains "make-to-order/voluminous products, in which case the shipment will take place together by following the regime of voluminous products which below.
Poltrona Frau S.p.A. will reimburse the customer the entire amount already paid (any shipping costs excluded), within 14 days of receipt of the communication of withdrawal.
Concept and Design

Designed by Michele De Lucchi and proposed in two models by Poltrona Frau, no two Marianne vases are completely alike.

Designed by
Michele De Lucchi
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