Games Collection

Well-being for your mind

Giobagnara x Poltrona Frau

The collaboration between the two excellences of Made in Italy comes to life in an extraordinary collection of board games that translates the finest design and most authentic craftsmanship into pure fun, creating everlasting memories of shared joy.

The art of play

Whether at home or on the road, leisure time around a game table with loved ones nourishes the soul and gifts an entertainment that transcends time.

A rainbow of colors

Charme, urban, marine, chalet-the games come in a rainbow of color variations to suit all tastes and styles harmoniously.

The elegance of wood, the softness of leather

Pelle Frau® leather and maple and walnut wood come together with the most sophisticated manual craftsmanship, in a blend of visually and tactilely satisfying sensations.

The collection

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