Archibald Gran Comfort | Armchair

Jean-Marie Massaud

The base of the Archibald Gran Comfort sits on four steel feet connected by an outer frame with ruthenium finish. The seat structure is made from beech. The backrest structure is steel with perimeter infill consisting of elastic belts, while the shaped upper part is made from deformable rubber. Both structures are finished with scratchproof black paint. The seat spring system consists of elastic belts. The seat and backrest padding is composed of two shaped cushions in polyurethane foam, attached to the metal frame using strips of Velcro. The cushions are covered with a goose down quilt, also fixed in place with Velcro strips.

The exterior upholstery of the Archibald Gran Comfort is available in Pelle Frau® Safari leather or in a selection of Poltrona Frau fabrics, and the covers can be removed from both versions. In the leather version the edge is raw cut and hand-painted in a matching colour. Choice between tone-on-tone or contrast stitching. In the fabric version the stitching is tone-on-tone.

The Archibald Gran Comfort pouf replicates the technical characteristics of the armchair.


Archibald Gran Comfort | Armchair

Jean-Marie Massaud
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Concept and Design

Inspired by his iconic Archibald chair, Wallpaper*Award in the “Best Domestic Design” section in 2009, Jean-Marie Massaud provides a sleeker and more informal take on the original model, creating another of the most beloved and distinctive products in the Poltrona Frau catalogue.

When designing the Archibald Gran Comfort armchair Jean-Marie Massaud envisaged a kind of overabundant soft bag that creates a rich movement of folds as it fits over and drops down onto a thin metal architecture with steel frame and feet. The result was a welcoming and sophisticated contrast of volumes and materials that soon became a recognised model of contemporary elegance. Archibald Gran Comfort also stands out for its particular technical characteristics. In fact, the armchair was created with the idea that it could be easily disassembled into its component parts: a metal frame, a soft goose down quilt and an external cover, applied one on top of the other. In this way the leather and the fabric are fixed to the framee with removable Velcro straps, concealed in the area of contact with the outer frame. A solution that makes the product more practical and also sustainable in the sense that it can easily be disassembled at the end of its life. The soft Archibald Gran Comfort pouf is the natural complement to the armchair.


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Jean-Marie Massaud
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