Bolero Ravel | Table

Roberto Lazzeroni

The Bolero Ravel table has a self-supporting easel structure base consisting of three legs with distinctive triangular cross-section. The legs can come in wenge-coloured solid ash wood or solid Canaletto walnut. Mounting plates and spacers in black lacquered steel. The top is made from a single slab of barrel-shaped marble with tapered edges. It can come in Calacatta Oro or Fior di Pesco marble. Both are available with a polished finish, treated with a polished paint that improves the resistance of the surface preventing the absorption of liquids, or a semi-polished finish, treated with a more natural looking water-repellent oil. The bottom surface of the marble top has a technical mesh to guarantee its resistance.



Bolero Ravel | Table

Roberto Lazzeroni
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Concept and Design

Roberto Lazzeroni has designed the Bolero Ravel table for Poltrona Frau. The top produced from a single slab of barrel-shaped marble, the tapered edges and the 3-legged base make it even more dynamic and sleek.


A sensual score of sounds that blend together harmoniously in space: Roberto Lazzeroni was clearly inspired by Ravel’s hypnotic Bolero when he designed this sleek table which seems to be almost suspended in the air despite its “heavy” materials. Materials like the marble top which, attached to the supports using a spacer, almost appears to float in space. Its faintly trapeze-like shape accentuates the visual perception of a thickness reduced to the minimum. A sensation emphasised by the refined bevelled edges which slant upwards on the short sides and downwards on the long sides. The original tapered triangular section gives the 3-legged base greater dynamism. The overall effect is one of an ethereal table of understated elegance that is easily combined with other pieces of Poltrona Frau furniture.

Designed by
Roberto Lazzeroni
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