Fidelio | Lamp

Roberto Lazzeroni

The Fidelio floor lamp is a simple rectangle carved from solid ash in a moka or wenge stain, with triangular profile. The light point finds its natural location in this geometric structure with double-layer shade with canvas forming the external layer and PVC the inside layer. The metal details are in brushed steel with galvanic treatment and a natural brass finish.   

Fidelio | Lamp

Roberto Lazzeroni
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Concept and Design

The linear and clean elegance of Fidelio is perfectly expressed in the new floor lamp that enriches the collection. Designed by Roberto Lazzeroni to live in symbiosis with sofas and armchairs.
The Fidelio lamp creates even more complete and versatile spaces of wellbeing around and together with Poltrona Frau seats.
The vertical architecture of the lamp emphasises the restraint of the design and the painstaking precision of the lines, bringing out the purity of the materials.  

Designed by
Roberto Lazzeroni

Roberto Lazzeroni was born in Pisa. He studied art and architecture in Florence, taking an increasing personal interest in the phenomena of conceptual art and radical design during his years of training.He débuted professionally in the early 1980s with a series of important 'Interior Architecture' works that were immediately noticed and published by both Italian and international magazines. Roberto Lazzeroni has enjoyed an extremely dynamic professional journey that today sees him involved in various projects, and able to boast prestigious collaborations, art direction and interior and contract design in various parts of the world.

Awards include: Tecniques Discretes (Paris, 1991), Conran Foundation Museum, (London, 1992), Elegant Techniques, (Chicago, 1992), La Fabbrica Estetica, (Paris, 1993), Dall'Albergo alla Nave, (Genoa, 1993), Costruire il mobile, (Milan 1999). 

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